Recreation Ground Closures

Ground Closures

All Huon Valley Council grounds are inspected regularly to determine if weather or other factors have deemed them unsuitable for use.

Council will notify via its website if a ground is closed. It is expected that clubs check the website on a daily basis to determine ground accessibility.  If a club or association is found to be using a sports ground that is closed it may jeopardise future use of the facility.

Sports Ground Renovations

Twice a year the Council undertakes major ground renovations to ensure fields remain in good playing condition.  These renovations take place at the end of March and for a period between August and October (this may be between 2-8 weeks depending on ground and weather conditions).


Huonville OvalOpen
Huonville Soccer GroundOpen
Huonville Athletics TrackOpen
Cygnet OvalOpen
Kermandie OvalOpen
Franklin Oval OpenOpen
Ranelagh OvalOpen
Glen Huon OvalOpen
Judbury OvalOpen