Living with snakes

In warmer weather, the frequency of snake sightings tends to increase.

If you are concerned, here are some easy tips to keep them from coming too close for comfort at home:

  • Keep grass mown and garden debris to a minimum
  • Keep wood piles away from the house and elevate them 0.5m off the ground
  • Avoid having standing water near the house

Remember that the chance of snake bite is very low in Tasmania, especially if snakes are given space to move away from you or hide. They are usually very shy animals!

All three species of snake are protected in Tasmania, and play a valuable role in the ecosystem.

More information about living with snakes can be found on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania website.

Council does not offer any services relating to the capturing and removal of any snakes or reptiles. If you require assistance relating to snake/reptile capturing, collection and relocation please contact Reptile Rescue on 0499 116 690. A fee may apply.

Photo credit (tiger snake): Charlie Price