Volunteering in the Huon Valley

Volunteering is a great way to give back to our community and can be a wonderful way to meet new people, enjoy new experiences and share your knowledge.

Huon Valley Council recognises that volunteering is a key part of the ongoing health and strength of Huon Valley communities, with many of the valley’s community halls, festivals, events and clubs only existing due to the dedication of volunteers.

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Types of volunteering

There are many other types of volunteering opportunities including student, corporate, environmental, in an emergency and youth volunteering.

Organistation based:

  • Long-term volunteers – These volunteers are the backbone of many organisations. They work consistently over a long period of time, often for years, and provide a stable source of support. Long-term volunteers form lasting relationships with organsiations and communities, and often act as mentors or leaders for other volunteers.
  • Project volunteers – Project volunteers work on specific projects or initiatives that have a set start and end date. These volunteers may not have long-term commitments to an organisation, but they bring specialised skills and knowledge to the table.
  • Event volunteering – Event volunteers help plan and execute events, such as charity runs, festivals, and fundraisers. They help with tasks such as registration, customer service, set-up, and clean-up, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Remote ‘virtual’ volunteers – Remote or virtual volunteering is a great way for people to make an impact from anywhere in the world. These volunteers can perform a wide range of tasks, such as website design, social media management, translation, and data analysis.

Non-organisation based:

  • ‘Micro’ volunteers – ‘Micro’ volunteering involves giving small amounts of time, usually less than an hour, to complete a specific task.
  • Informal volunteers – Informal volunteering refers to people who engage in voluntary activities without formal ties to an organisation.

There are many other types of volunteering opportunities including student, corporate, environmental, in an emergency and youth volunteering.

Fact sheets for community groups and events

Volunteer-run community groups and volunteer-led events perform a vital role in making the Huon Valley great.

This series of factsheets addresses the governance of community groups and community events.

Community Events, Planning Sustainability (PDF)

Financial Management for Committees (PDF)

Marketing & Communications (PDF)

Revenue Raising (PDF)

Risk Assessment & Management (PDF)

Strategic Planning (PDF)

Succession Planning (PDF)

Committee Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)

More fact sheets and resources can be found at the Volunteering Tasmania website.

Useful links

Huon Valley Volunteering Strategy

Endorsed in 2021, the Huon Valley Volunteering Strategy is a guiding document for how Huon Valley Council intends to safeguard the future of volunteering in the Valley.

This strategy examines future volunteering needs based on Tasmania’s volunteering trends and future demographics of the Huon Valley to 2029. It also outlines key collaborative actions to be undertaken by the community and Council during the next ten years.

Huon Valley Volunteering Strategy – May 2021 (PDF, 2MB)

Local Volunteer Network Group (LVNG)

The Local Volunteer Network Group (LVNG) is made up of local people involved in volunteering, including volunteers and volunteer coordinators from small, grassroots groups and larger, more formalised organisations. Members of the (LVNG) convened through the
strategy’s development to identified priorities that are important to the community and included these in the short, medium and long-term actions for the strategy.

The group meets periodically (6-8 times a year) to assist council with the actions and we are seeking new members. If you would like to come along, please contact Council on 6264 300 or email community@huonvalley.tas.gov.au