Community Vision

In 2023, the Huon Valley Council initiated a project to understand the community’s priorities, challenges, and aspirations for the Huon Valley.

These findings have been distilled and refined into the document you are now reading, a Community Vision statement and a set of 10 core values.

This high-level document will be used to guide council strategy, processes and policy now and into the future.

Our Community Vision Statement

We are a diverse, productive and welcoming community with strong connections to the environment.

We will continue to protect and promote the unique opportunities the Huon Valley provides including local produce, creativity, and access to the Huon River.

As the community grows, we will continue to strengthen connectivity, employment and education, while balancing the opportunities for a rural lifestyle.

Getting around

The townships within the Huon Valley are well connected through improved active transport, public transport links, and quality local and state roads.

Food production and security

The Huon Valley is seen as a leader in sustainable farming and commercial agriculture and aquaculture, providing access to local produce, employment, and economic benefits.

Diverse and inclusive community

An inclusive community, where everyone is respected.

A community that adapts, responds, and supports a changing population including the aged and the young.

Respect, understand, value, and recognise Aboriginal culture, history, knowledge, and rights.


The natural environment and ecosystems within the Huon Valley are celebrated and protected.

The community, infrastructure and local businesses are resilient to the impacts of climate change, delivering leading practices across sustainability and the circular economy.

Strong economy

Economic development is strengthened across the Huon Valley through supporting local businesses and growing local employment opportunities.

Industries and local businesses are encouraged to embrace digital transformation and leading sustainable practices.

Tourism continues to play an important role within the local economy, while balancing the needs of the local community.

Health and wellbeing

The Huon Valley has fair and equitable access to all government services, including access to affordable health services.

Health and wellbeing are enabled through access to local recreation infrastructure, paths and trails, programs, and nature.

Decision making

Council decision making processes are collaborative, transparent, and well communicated.

Council continues to actively seek feedback from the community to inform decisions.

A home for everyone

The Huon Valley provides affordable, quality homes that meet the needs of an ageing population, young people, and families.

An approach to planning and land that allows and encourages innovative housing solutions while respecting lifestyle, nature, culture, heritage, and neighbourhood character.

Creativity and Culture

The Huon Valley community value and celebrate creativity and culture in all its forms.

It provides an opportunity for all community.

Learning and development

Huon Valley has access to a wide range of learning and educational opportunities across early years, youth, and older adults.

Through strong educational links, the local community have the skills and capabilities required to access local employment opportunities.

Why a Community Vision and themes?

The Huon Valley community created the Community Vision and themes to express their current needs and aspirations for a prosperous Huon Valley. The Vision will guide Council decisions, budget priorities, and Strategic Plans. This document is community-owned and establishes shared objectives, encouraging collaboration among community groups, service providers, businesses, Council, and government. It will be the primary guide for the community and the Council, supporting and directing future activities.

Delivering the Community Vision

Huon Valley Council has a continued role in facilitating and delivering on the Community Vision, including:

  • Engagement with the community on an ongoing basis, ensuring the Vision is in alignment with future community needs.
  • Provision of resources and support for the implementation of the Community Vision.
  • Monitoring the progress of implementation against what is set out in the Community Vision.
  • Partnering with other organisations and community groups to support the implementation of the Community Vision. within the Huon Valley, local and state government.

Council will deliver on the Vision through the Council Strategic Plan and budgets. The Vision will guide the direction of Council actions, advocacy, and partnerships.

About the artwork

These watercolours were hand painted by local artist Amy Reid in collaboration with Malcolm S. Johnson for “Values of the Huon Valley: an arts-science research project”.

The paintings were inspired by conversations about landscape values with residents of the Huon Valley, and depict real and imagined places in the area.