Septic Tanks

On Site Waste Water

You are required to obtain a plumbing permit to alter or install a septic tank or on-site waste water system. The application below is required to be completed and forwarded to Council, together with payment of the relevant application fees, so a permit can be issued by the Environmental Health Officer. The document below explains the process required and all the relevant documents that need to be submitted with your application.

Forms Page – Application for Plumbing Permit

On-site Waste Water Management System – Information Package

A Guide to Purchasing, Installing & Maintaining Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems

A Guide to Domestic Greywater Re-use

Decommissioning Septic Tanks

When existing premises are connected to the sewer or new septic systems are installed, all redundant septic tank(s) are to be decommissioned in accordance with these instructions. This is required so that up-to-date records of the property can be kept by the Huon Valley Council to inform future owners of the location of the decommissioned tank(s) for future building purposes.

For more information on decommissioning septic tanks, Contact Council.