New Commercial Kitchens

Setting up a commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen must meet the requirements of the food safety standards and national construction code for the kind of food preparation and handling that will be happening in that kitchen.

Building from scratch

If you are getting a building designed from scratch or making alterations that require a building permit, then all you need to do is discuss your design preferences with your architect and they will provide a commercial kitchen design that meets your needs and also complies with all the relevant standards. Your building surveyor will submit the kitchen design for Council to assess and and approve.

Fitting out an existing building

If you are fitting out an existing building as a commercial kitchen then it may not require a building design or permit. In this case, you will need to check that you are setting up the kitchen in line with the relevant standards so that it can pass the pre-registration inspection and be registered to operate under the Food Act 2003.

To simplify this process it can be worthwhile to engage an architect to discuss the fit-out and draw up design plans, then contact Council and seek further advice from an Environmental Health Officer.

Planning approval

If you are setting up a food business on a property where there hasn’t been one operating previously, then it is recommended that you check with Council’s Planning department if any planning approvals are required.