Home Kitchen Food Business

Considerations for a home kitchen food business.

As most domestic kitchens do not meet the same standard as a commercial kitchen for a cafe or restaurant, they are only usually approved by Council for the manufacture of low-risk shelf-stable foods such as bread, biscuits, cake, jams, and other condiments.

The considerations for manufacturing food for sale in a domestic environment are outlined in the following document;

Home Kitchen Assessment Form

Use this form to apply to be approved to manufacture food for sale in a home kitchen. The form contains a standard food business application form and also a form that collects additional information that is used to assess a home kitchen application and demonstrates that you understand how to address potential conflicts between domestic and commercial use of the home kitchen.

The information in the home kitchen assessment form covers a number of topics such as food preparation and storage, labelling requirements, food safety knowledge and planning approval requirements. If you have any questions relating to anything in the home kitchen assessment form, please call Council and ask to speak to an Environmental Health Officer.

Completed forms can be emailed to hvc@huonvalley.tas.gov.au or submitted at the Council service counter. Once the application has been assessed and the food business had been assigned a risk classification, you will be invoiced for the associated fee.