Huon Valley News

Replacement of Heritage Park Pedestrian Bridge

Our bridge crew recently installed a new pedestrian bridge at Heritage Park in Geeveston to replace the old one.

Our Digital Arts and Cultural Development Officer Mick Lowenstein was there to capture it all. It’s fascinating to watch the old bridge being taken away and the new one take its place.

Some fun facts about the old bridge and the new bridge:

  • The old pedestrian bridge was constructed in 1982
  • The bridge links existing walking tracks in Heritage Park to School Road
  • The width of the old bridge deck was under the minimum of 1.5m minimum recommended for a footpath and the standard 1.8m for a pedestrian bridge
  • The new steel truss bridge was constructed by local engineering fabricators Drysdale’s Engineering just around the corner from the bridge in Geeveston
  • The new bridge is 20m long with a 1.8m wide deck allowing for people to pass easily
  • The bridge renewal was undertaken as part of Council’s 10-year capital renewal program
  • The bridge was installed by Council’s Bridge Crew who maintain and have constructed many of Council’s 200 bridge assets