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Planning Scheme amendments on exhibition

On 21 October 2020 the Huon Valley Council initiated an amendment to the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to amend the Attenuation Area Overlay applicable to the Cygnet Treatment Plant at 7321 Channel Highway, Cygnet (‘CTP’) under former Section 34(1)(b) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (‘Act’).

The Council also certified the amendment under former Section 35(2) of the Act.

The draft amendment is to reduce the area of the Attenuation Area Overlay from the current attenuation distance of approximately 400 metres, measured from the CTP (average measurement), to 200 metres.

Read more and find out how you can make a representation about the draft amendment PSA-1/2020 on the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015 page (closes 7 December 2020).