Purchase of Information Fees

LEGAL2018/19 FeeGST Included #
Sections 177 & 178 Application fee (includes where applicable; assessment, report, document preparation, drafting and valuation.)
Purchase of Land$900#
*$400 refundable if Council resolves to sell the land by Public Auction or Tender contrary to the application
Lease or Licence of Land$562#
Renewal of Lease of Licence of Land$225#
Section 201 Miscellaneous Fee - Abatement Notice
Abatement Notice$276#
Section 337 Miscellaneous Fee- Pre-purchase Inspection and Report (Section 337 Only)$617#
Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993
Planning Permit *$74#
Application or request *$116#
Certified Draft Planning Scheme Amendment *$37#
S.43A Draft Planning Permit *$37#
Extract of Planning Scheme - per page$1#
Huon Valley Planning Scheme - extract of zone/code/specific area plan provision (per provision)$15#
Extract of Planning Scheme Map - per page$1#
Representation or submission *
Charged every 5 documents
Officer's Report and Decision made under Delegation *$74#
Issued Notice or Direction *$74#
Section 58A or Part 5 Agreement *$74#
Document not otherwise specified *
Charged every 5 documents
Miscellaneous Applications, Certificate request etc under any Act, Regulation or By-law not otherwise provided for$185