Purchase of Information Fees

Right to Information2023/24 FeesGST Included #
Set by the Right to Information Act 2009
Fee for Application for Assess disclosure (25 fee units)$44.50
Making a complaint under Section 28V of the Local Government Act 1993 (50 fee units)$89.00
Purchase of Information
Officer’s Report and Decision made under Delegation *$90.50#
Permit/Certificate/Registration/Licence *$90.50#
Issued Notice of Order *$90.50#
Application on request * @$143.00#
Planning/Building/Plumbing Plans * @$143.00#
Other Documents including representations or submissions *$46.00#
Plan/Strategy/Policy or Procedure not otherwise provided for$35.00#
Section 58A or Part 5 Agreement *$90.50#
Council By-law Charged per By-Law$13.00#
Extract from Council Map - per page$1.50#
Copy of municipal standard drawings - per set$35.00#
Property File Retrieval Fee$38.00#
Where an (@) applies, information is available for purchase subject to Council Policy and Copyright. Where copyright applies to plans and the like these will only be available to the owner of the documents, the owner of the property or by authority of the owner. Building and plumbing plans are only available in accordance with Section 27 of the Building Act 2016.
Remission - Where an asterisk (*) applies and a request relates to the Applicant's property, personal affairs or business dealing with Council the fee is to be reduced in accordance with the Council Policy.
Remission - Where a fee for information that relates to the same subject matter exceeds $400 a remission may be granted for any fees exceeding $400.