Huon Valley News

New recreational water sampling locations identified

Thank you to all the community members who helped us identify new recreational water sampling locations!

Through a community survey, popular Huon Valley swimming locations have been selected for recreational water sampling during the upcoming summer season.

Instead of the standard weekly testing at the 3 previous sites (Randalls Bay, Verona Sands and Dover), sampling will now be staggered across 8 sites over 16 weeks, in response to the survey.

  • Weekly samples will be taken from Randalls Bay Beach and Drip Beach.
  • Fortnightly samples will be taken from Surveyors Bay Beach and Dover Beach.
  • Monthly samples will be taken from Verona Sands Beach, Ranelagh Kayak Ramp, Seven Inch Beach and Robleys Point.

Water quality data from these previously untested sites will be analysed to better understand the background water quality at these locations. It will help our Environmental Health Officers assess whether ongoing testing should continue and whether there is merit for installing advisory water quality signage at these sites.

*The Randalls Bay Beach sample results will apply to Mickeys Beach, given its proximity to the Randalls Bay sampling site.

*Robleys Point was included as one of the monthly sample sites due to significant recreational water use being identified around the Port Cygnet Sailing Club.

For further information on recreational water quality, consult the Department of Health website at Recreational water quality | Tasmanian Department of Health or contact Council on 6264 0300.