Huon Valley News

Natural Resource Management

We are seeking keen community members to join us in co-designing the new Huon Valley Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy. The NRM Strategy expired at the end of 2021. The new strategy will broaden the focus to include data collection, monitoring, planning, and implementation.

Natural Resource Management  is about looking after natural values – such as our soils, rivers, plants and animals – so they stay healthy and productive into the future.

At its heart NRM in the Huon Valley is about protecting the land and river systems that are home to our rare wedge-tailed eagles and swift parrots, our land-dwelling and aquatic wildlife and all of the plant and animal life that makes this part of Tasmania so special. Our region has a complex Aboriginal cultural heritage, with important and ongoing spiritual connections, as well as artefacts of ancient human habitation scattered around the area, that need protection too. Maintaining a healthy landscape is the key to ensuring the Huon Valley will continue to thrive.

One of the Huon Valley Council’s roles is to work with residents, industries and businesses to ensure that our natural assets are managed wisely now and into the future.

The Draft NRM Strategy Review will be a collaborative approach between the Council and community using co-design and the first public survey is now open for community comment. We would like to understand your views and priorities on conservation and management of the Valley’s natural resources.

To participate in the survey or if you’d like to join us in co-designing the new strategy please visit here.