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Landscape values and climate risks study

A UTAS research project seeking to identify where and why people place value in the landscape and how perceptions of climate change risk inform, influence and disrupt those values is calling for participants. If you live, work, or have a meaningful connection to the Huon Valley, PhD researcher, Malcolm Johnson would love to hear from you.

Malcolm’s research explores the relationships between assigned landscape values, perceived climate change risks, and socio-ecological discourses in the Huon Valley coastalscape.

The first part of the project involved collecting landscape value and climate risk locations through an online mapping platform. The main output from that data is a series of maps that identify locations across the region that fall into a matrix of high/low value vs. high/low risk, which can help councils make planning tradeoffs and gain community support for decisions.

The second part of the research involves 90-minute interviews with a unique sorting activity. Malcolm said the results will be analysed to determine the social-psychological discourses behind feelings about landscape values and climate change risk.

“Hopefully, this will give the council additional language to avoid conflict when implementing adaptation policies.”

Malcolm will conduct interviews in the Huon Valley Hub from November through to January. All participants will receive a $20 gift card for their time. Participation involves a 60–90-minute interview activity that will help identify key landscape values and climate risks in the region.

To participate use the QR code or use this link.

Photo credit: Paul County