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Huon Valley Community Awards 2024

On Saturday 25 May 2024, 23 volunteers were honoured at Huon Valley Council’s Community Awards Ceremony held at Franklin’s Palais Theatre.


In 2022, Huon Valley Council combined what was the Australia Day Awards with the Volunteer Service Awards. Together, the awards are now known as the Huon Valley Community Awards and are presented annually in May, to align with Volunteer Week.

Each year the community is invited to nominate individuals and groups who they feel have demonstrated strong community values and individuals who have volunteered many hours of community service.  

This year

We received a record number of nominations, and the quality was truly outstanding!

The service awards that were presented amounted to 170 years of service, equating to 2,040 months, or 8,840 weeks or 22,050 days!  

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Citizen of the Year – Lydia Eastley
Young Citizen of the Year – Tayla Hosking
Community Group of the Year – Huon Valley PCYC
Sporting Achievement of the Year – Geoffrey Lovell
Lifetime Award (service for over 20 years) – Carmen Campbell, Carol Roberts and Graeme Roberts
Outstanding Volunteer Service (service for over 10 years) – Steven and Marjorie Gadd, Colleen Wilson, Geoffrey Hutchins, John Green, Jeanette Burdon
Major Volunteer Service (service over 5 years and up to 10 years) – Bruce Marshall and Lorraine Ashdown
Volunteer Service Award – Sharon Smith, Victoria Wilson, Shuna Adriaanse-Tucker, Jessica Oates, Peter Gauctschi, Ruth Waterhouse, Caleb Elcock and Ian Becker.

In attendance to officially congratulate the award recipients were the Honourable Jacquie Petrusma MP, the Honourable Eric Abetz MP, the Honourable Dean Winter MP, David O’Byrne MP, Mayor Sally Doyle, Deputy Mayor Toby Thorpe and Councillors Debbie Armstrong and Mark Jessop.

Meet the volunteers

Lydia Eastley – Citizen of the Year

Lydia has excelled in her tireless volunteer work with the Dover and South Action Group, significantly contributing to the community. She organises and runs the emergency food pantry, Dover markets, community hub, and various events such as the Dover Fun Run and Seafest. As Bookings Officer and Treasurer of the Dover Oval Clubrooms, she supports numerous activities, inspiring others to volunteer. Lydia initiated the emergency food pantry during the COVID-19 pandemic and developed a mobile community hub to enhance service reach. Her dedication enriches the community while balancing her own family and work life.

The Honourable Jacquie Petrusma MP, Deputy Mayor Toby Thorpe, Lydia Eastley and Mayor Sally Doyle.

Tayla Hosking – Young Citizen of the Year

Tayla is an Activities Coordinator at the Huonville PCYC. She organises numerous events for our local youth, including the highly successful Youth Week. Working four days a week at the PCYC while studying fulltime for a Bachelor of Education, Tayla brings positive energy and makes the space welcoming for young people. Her efforts ensure that events like Youth Week provide a valuable platform for youth voices in the Huon. 

Deputy Mayor Toby Thorpe, the Honourable Jacquie Petrusma MP, Tayla Hosking and Mayor Sally Doyle

Huon Valley PCYC – Community Group of the Year

The Huon Valley PCYC excels in providing low-cost, positive programs for youth and the community. As a not-for-profit, it fosters a safe environment for sports, recreation, and cultural activities. The PCYC enriches the Huon Valley with a state-of-the-art recreation centre and serves as an evacuation centre during disasters. It supports at-risk youth through early intervention programs and embodies community values of respect and inclusivity. Through partnerships with local organisations, the PCYC inspires community collaboration and serves as a vital resource for residents in need. 

Deputy Mayor Toby Thorpe, the Honourable Eric Abetz MP, Bianca Jackman of Huon Valley PCYC and Mayor Sally Doyle.

Geoffrey Lovell – Sporting Achievement of the Year

Geoff is President of the Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association. This unique sport is often called upon and showcased at local agricultural shows and other community events. His dedication ensures successful events, benefiting the community and local organizations. Geoff’s tireless efforts and commitment have made a significantly positive impact. 

Deputy Mayor Toby Thorpe, the Honourable Eric Abetz MP, Geoffrey Lovell and Mayor Sally Doyle.

Lifetime Award recipients

Carmen Campbell, Carol Roberts and Graeme Roberts.

Outstanding Volunteer Service recipients

Geoffrey Hutchins, Colleen Wilson, Jeanette Burdon, Marjorie and Steven Gadd and John Green.

Major Volunteer Service recipients

Lorraine Ashdown and Bruce Marshall.

Volunteer Service Award recipients

Caleb Elcock, Ruth Waterhouse, Shuna Adriaanse-Tucker, Victoria Wilson, Sharon Smith, Jessica Oates, representative for Peter Gauctschi.