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Huon Beings: On Maurice’s boat

Living on a houseboat teaches you to view things differently.

“There’s no foundation. And I like that… If I want to unanchor and move away, I can.”

Maurice Baldock moved aboard his houseboat Stella 23 years ago and loves the nomadic freedom of life on the water. He is currently moored in Port Huon, in the Huon Valley.

Stella is a small, but cosy tiny home, not in the least bit cramped. Inside, ingeniously tucked away are all the mod-cons for a comfortable life. As we talk she gently bobs and creaks on the water, tapping against the dock. In the distance, the sound of gulls carries on the wind. It’s serene.

Talking with Maurice it becomes clear how the choice to live simply aboard a tiny home, informs his worldview.

“I hope the community will learn how to live more simply… to see through the way the commercial world seeks to create desires in people… Other people are what really matters.”

A regular volunteer, Maurice visits nursing homes in the Huon with a troupe of musicians, playing old-time music for the residents.

“My mother… came from a musical family. She taught us to sing, taught us musical harmony.”

Now aged 73, Maurice lives alone but is far from lonely with a regular stream of visitors dropping in to chat. He loves to tell a good yarn, full of colourful anecdotes and historical detail.

Listen to the full audio interview with Maurice for more of his stories, and a beautiful poem he wrote about our responsibility for the environment.

Huon Beings is a documentary series that captures the diverse stories of life among people living in the Huon Valley.

Created by Digital Arts & Cultural Development Officer Mick Lowenstein of Huon Valley Council, Huon Beings features interviews with people from all walks of life throughout the region, who have taken the time to share their reflections on place and people.

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Audio by Helene Thomas, images by Kelly Davis, article and additional photography by Steve Alden.