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Getting the most out of Tech Hour

Having a laptop and knowing how to use it has opened a whole new world for Rob, a retiree from the Huon Valley.

It was a friend in the UK who suggested Rob get a laptop.

“He thought I’d benefit from it”, Rob said.

“But I was a bit reluctant about it initially. It was all very daunting.”

Nowadays though, Rob can confidently navigate the internet on his laptop and his iPhone, thanks to his weekly appointments with Rosa, his mentor at Tech Hour.

Rob started his sessions with Rosa about a year ago and the skills he’s learnt in that time has improved the quality of his life.

“I’ve learnt how to avoid scams, to install apps on my phone and laptop, to find reliable sources and trustworthy websites, and I’ve improved my manual dexterity!

“I’ve come to a point where I can tell the machine what to do, rather than the other way around.”

Rob likes small boat sailing and so he’s very pleased that he can now easily navigate apps such as Deckee and WillyWeather.

“There is so much to be wary about when you’re exploring the internet, but Rosa and others have patiently helped me not to get drawn into distractions but to stay focused on what it is I am doing.

“If it wasn’t for Tech Hour being available, I would have had to ask friends or even people at random to assist me, and I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m today with my knowledge and skills.”

Rob said Tech Hour is an organised way of learning and he likes the one-on-one tutoring style.

“Rosa, Paula, Kimmy and Gerald have been an enormous help; I feel much more confident. It’s also very hospitable here at the Hub, we can make a cup of tea, see the latest exhibitions, find out what’s on in the area and it’s all free!”

While Rob’s skills have improved significantly, and he’s been able to overcome some of the digital challenges he faced earlier, he said, “I’m still not one of those people who scroll their phones while crossing the road!”

If you or someone you know would benefit from free personalised digital support from one of our Tech Hour mentors, please contact or phone 6264 0300.

Tech Hour is an initiative of the Huon Valley Council.