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Enjoying the great outdoors: information for dog owners

The Huon Valley has some great areas for dog walking, both on and off lead. Here are some helpful guidelines and general rules to keep our dogs safe and happy and our residents too.

  • In a built-up area your dog is required to be on lead if not in a designated off lead area.
  • While using an off lead area, please ensure your dog is always under control (if you have no control over your dog, keep them on a leash)
  • Do not allow your dog to act aggressively towards other dogs or people
  • Never let your dog run up to another dog (just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean other dogs are, some may be nervous, reactive, fearful, in training, or owned by people who want to be left alone)
  • If your dog becomes aggressive or distressed, put them on a lead and remove them from the off lead area until they are calm
  • Pick up after your dog’s poop. Always bring your own poop bags in case there are none available where you’re walking
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended, know where they are and what they are doing at all times

Please follow these simple rules so everyone can enjoy being outdoors and feel safe.

Thank you Hannah and Milly for being great models on the photo shoot.

More information about responsible dog ownership and pet registration.