Huon Valley News

Dover township entrance/green space now complete

The Huon Valley Council is excited to announce that upgrade works to the Dover green space, located at the entrance to the town, are now complete.

The project was jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Tasmanian Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements; a government initiative after the 2019 bushfires.

A path, sheltered picnic table, rubbish bin, and new landscaping now feature in the space, as well as two information booths which will keep community members informed and also help guide tourists as border restrictions ease.

“Dover is a gateway point for people venturing further south to Hastings Caves, the South West Heritage Wilderness Area, and lastly Cockle Creek,” said Huon Valley Council Mayor Bec Enders.

“Locals and visitors alike have a visually attractive, useful and usable area to stop, pause and enjoy Dover’s amenities and attractions.”

“The new green space was completed during the COVID-19 lockdown, providing an inviting space which encourages visitors to slow down, and stop and enjoy the town and surrounding areas.”

Dover and Far South Action Group (DASAG) Vice President Gary Ashdown said the Dover community feels proud of the new green space.

“Locals and visitors alike have a visually attractive, useful and usable area to stop, pause and enjoy Dover’s amenities and attractions,” said Mr Ashdown.

In collaboration with DASAG, Council was able to use extra funds to incorporate artworks onto the backs of the information boards.

One of the artworks is by Tasmanian Aboriginal artist Reuben Oates.

“The addition of Reuben’s artwork really ticks the space off in regard to our wish list of what the space could be,” said Mr Ashdown. “We wanted to include some local artwork and Ruben’s work gives the space a special significance.

“Once we were offered the chance to have Ruben’s wonderful work in the space, there was no other choice – it was a no-brainer. The work completes the project.”

The other board features wayfinding information and a regional map to guide visitors on the next leg of their journey.

“This board complements marketing efforts of the Huon Valley regional branding,” said Cr Enders. “Council officers will ensure visitor information is kept up to date and tailored to helping people have a rich and exciting experience in the Far South.

“The new green space will make a real difference in local recovery following the impacts of COVID-19 and the lasting effects of the 2019 bushfires.

“Thank you to the Tasmanian Government for funding the project, and to the Dover and Far South Action Group and the landowners, Sean Nominees Pty. Ltd and Recharge Pty. Ltd, for working with us to deliver a beautiful result.”