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Data tools by .id now available across Tasmania

All Tasmanians can now access detailed demographic data about their community through the use of digital tools by population experts .id, following an announcement from Regional Development Tasmania that funding from the Tasmanian Government has secured complete coverage of the technology across the state.

Powered by demographic specialists across the country, the .id online tools allow you to view a range of up-to-date population and economic data, population forecasts and interactive maps that are specific to your location.

The three local area information tools now available to everyone in Tasmania are:

  • – the population characteristics of local communities and how they are changing
  • – maps community trends spatially
  • – analysis of local economies and workforce now and in the future

Data for .id is gathered using Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data from the last 20 years up to 2016, which means you can trust that the information is recent and reliable.

The .id tools are easily found on the Huon Valley Council website:

Huon Valley Council staff are being trained in the use of the .id tools and introductory sessions for the general public will be held across the state in the coming months.

Guidance is available to anyone on how to use the data by contacting or (03) 9417 2205.

If you are seeking a grant to fund a community, economic or infrastructure initiative, the .id Grant Application Guide will take you through the process of building a strong application step by step.