Huon Valley News

Council’s new payment verification service Eftsure™

To improve Council’s internal control processes with respect to supplier payments, we have engaged Eftsure™ to provide payment verification services.

Eftsure™ provides a service to ensure that payments are made to the intended recipients because banks ignore account names when processing payments.

Once implemented, it will be a requirement that all our suppliers are registered with Eftsure™ before payments can be made to them. Vendors/suppliers are required to verify their trading name, bank account details and ABN registration status through Eftsure™.

The majority of Council’s vendors/suppliers have already registered with Eftsure™.  However, those vendors/suppliers who are not already registered with Eftsure™, or whose details differ between Eftsure™ and council’s records, will receive emails, generated from Eftsure™, requesting their details.

We understand this correspondence may be perceived as spam or a scam, so we have added our contact number (03 6264 0300) to the correspondence from Eftsure™ should you wish to call and confirm that it is a legitimate request from Huon Valley Council.