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Draft Huon Valley Land Use and Development Strategy


Community feedback on the Draft Land Use and Development Strategy is now CLOSED.

Feedback is now closed. All feedback has been sent to the consultants for inclusion in the Land Use and Development Strategy.

Community drop-in sessions

During October and November 2023, Huon Valley Council hosted a number of community drop-in sessions to collect feedback on the draft Huon Valley Land Use and Development Strategy. Community members could drop into any of the 5 sessions which were held at Dover, Geeveston, Cygnet, Franklin and Huonville and chat with representatives from SGS Economics, Resonance and Ireneinc.


In June 2022 Council engaged SGS Economics and Planning to undertake the development of the Community Vision and the Land Use and Development Strategy (LUDS). The LUDS project aims to understand the future needs of the Huon Valley community in order to inform the development of the Land Use and Development Strategy. This will inform the placement of housing, infrastructure, and employment as Huon Valley grows into the future. It will address community expectations of sustainability, and maintenance of local character while establishing where and how housing needs for the growing community will be met.

Huon Valley is positioned well to capitalise on the opportunities presented by Tasmania’s rapid growth, being close to Hobart while offering high amenity. However, this growth must be managed in a way that preserves the historic, cultural and natural value in the region. This project aims to deliver a clear plan to achieve this.


This project is a significant undertaking and will be completed in several phases. It commenced in July 2022, with development of the State of the Valley report which included background research on a variety of topics including population, housing, infrastructure and employment. This gave a snapshot of the current situation in the Huon Valley.

The team have then looked at the following, which is projected into the future, to create the discussion paper which involved analysis of:

  • Population forecasts
  • Future housing needs and capacity of residential land
  • Industrial and commercial employment floorspace requirements and capacity
  • Community infrastructure supply and demand

The Land Use Development Strategy – will be informed by consultation with the community of the Huon Valley and will be assembled into a strategic document with actionable levers, policies and tools for implementation.

Project Contacts

  • Rong Zheng – Project Manager – Strategic Land Use
  • Lisa Plohl – Community Engagement Officer

You can contact us on 03 6264 0300 or hvc@huonvalley.tas.gov.au



The Huon Valley Community Vision is a guiding document for the growth and development of the Huon Valley region over the next 10 to 15 years. Once developed, it will inform future priorities and strategic decisions and play an important role in the development of Council plans and strategies.

You can follow our Community Vision journey by visiting Huon Valley Community Vision

Key Dates

  • 10/10/2023 Dover Drop-in Session 5-7pm
  • 19/10/2023 Geeveston Drop-in Session 6-8pm
  • 24/10/2023 Cygnet Drop-in Session 5-7pm
  • 7/11/2023 Franklin Drop-in Session 2-4pm
  • 11/11/2023 Huonville Drop-in Session 2-4pm
  • 12/11/2023 Community feedback closed
  • 29/9/2023 Draft LUDS open for community feedback
  • 10/6/2023 Franklin Workshop
  • 7/6/2023 Huonville Workshop
  • 27/5/2023 Cygnet Workshop
  • 24/5/2023 Geeveston Workshop
  • 22/5/2023 Dover Workshop

Project Cycle

  1. Consultation commenced
  2. Workshops
  3. Consultation closed
  4. Under Review
  5. Council meeting
  6. Draft Land Use and Development Strategy open for community feedback
  7. Councilor Workshop
  8. Council Report - final Land Use and Developemnt Strategy