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Huon Valley Recreation Plan


After an extensive search we have appointed landscape architects Inspiring Place to draft the strategy.

As the Huon Valley’s major provider of recreational facilities, programs and services, we want to make sure our community is having its needs met.

That’s why we are developing a stand-alone Huon Valley Recreation Plan to complement the councils Strategic Plan 2015-2025.

As part of the project they have been given a number of objectives:

  • Research the changing recreational needs of the Huon Valley
  • Make sure access to facilities is fair and equitable
  • Investigate how we can better use our existing facilities and spaces
  • Identify the need for new facilities where demand has changed
  • Highlight opportunities for recreational activities to increase tourism to the Huon Valley
  • Consult widely with the community throughout the process

Update June 2019

The consultation period is closed and a draft Huon Valley Recreation Plan has been received from the consultant  for Council to review.

Update January 2020

A series of community workshops were held throughout the Huon Valley in 2019, with the consultant hearing from people of all ages, different level of mobility, health and interests. Many wonderful ideas were shared and have supported the consultant to develop a draft Recreation Strategy.

The Draft Strategy was presented to Council at its October 2019 Ordinary Meeting, but the decision was deferred on the night. Further discussion and review with the consultant has occurred with a revised Strategy scheduled to be presented to Council at its February Ordinary Meeting for approval to release for community engagement.

Key Dates

  • 30/10/2019 Council meeting
  • 1/11/2019 Review
  • 26/2/2020 Council meeting
  • 2/3/2020 Community engagement

Project Cycle

  1. Open
  2. Under Review
  3. Report
  4. Community engagement
  5. Approved