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Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan


The Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan is designed to guide Council, stakeholders and the community in the future planning, development, use and management of the Ranelagh Recreation Ground. This will enable it to meet the changing needs of the community well into the future.

The master plan will also inform Council’s ten-year Huon Valley Recreation Strategy.

Project background

The Ranelagh Recreation Ground and surrounds are used by a range of sporting and community groups and are the venue for the Huon Agricultural Show (November), A Taste of the Huon (March), Small Farms Expo (March biennially), and the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival (as of July 2019).

There has never been an overall master plan for the Ranelagh Recreation Ground, so decisions about infrastructure have been generally been based on the perceived needs and what was considered suitable locations in the past.

The Ranelagh Recreation Area Management Advisory Committee identified that the ground would benefit from having an overall master plan in order to meet the changing needs of the users and the growing Ranelagh community.

Proposed master plan

The Huon Valley Council engaged consultants Inspiring Place to develop a Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan to guide future planning, development and management of the grounds. The master plan will allow Council to consider contributing funding for implementation of projects over the next ten years.

Inspiring Place has developed the draft Huon Valley Recreation Plan which will be released for the community for feedback prior to the final Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan being endorsed by the Council.

Community engagement

This is an open consultation. The Council is seeking the community’s views on the draft Ranelagh Recreation Grounds Master Plan. All views are welcome and encouraged. Please use the SurveyMonkey link above to leave your feedback.

On conclusion of the consultation, the Project Team will analyse the community feedback and recommend a response, which could be one of the following;

  1. Support for inclusion
  2. Revise or alter
  3. No change

A report will be presented Council with the Community Engagement Feedback Summary report and the Draft Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan.

Update - July 2020

Following community engagement the Draft Ranelagh Recreation Ground Plan and the Community Engagement Report was presented to Councillors at the May Ordinary Council meeting. Council endorsed the Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan and you can find a copy in Here.

Update April 2020

At the Ordinary Council meeting held on 8 April 2020 Council approved that the Draft Ranelagh Recreation Ground Master Plan be release to the community for engagement at the Consult Level.

Key Dates

  • 8/4/2020 Report presented to Council
  • 21/4/2020 Consultation opens
  • 10/5/2020 Consultation closes
  • 27/5/2020 Engagement report presented to Council

Project Cycle

  1. Consultation with stakeholders
  2. Under review
  3. Council meeting
  4. Approved for Community Engagement
  5. Under review
  6. Endorsed by Council