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Dover Medical Centre Redevelopment



The Dover Medical Centre is located within the Esperance Multipurpose Health Centre at Dover and is the southernmost service provider of their kind in Australia and is the only service in the rural township.

The Dover Medical centre is owned and operated by Huon Valley Council and averages 800 consultations per week, provides a 24-hour on call service as well as in-house health assessments. The centre currently attracts a number of allied health practitioners in the areas of mental health, child health, community nursing and podiatry.

Council successfully obtained funding of $1 million in the 2021 State Election for the redevelopment of the Medical Centre located within the Esperance Multi-Purpose Health Centre.

The Project
The redevelopment of the Dover Medical Centre will enable the provision of modern, fit-for-purpose services to the community, now and into the future. This will include a new entrance, additional consultation rooms and internal alterations.

Development approval has been received for the redevelopment of the Dover medical centre to increase the consulting space to 5 consultation rooms, allied health room, practice nurse and an improved staff amenities area.

A timeline has been provided which outlines the steps taken to date and the expected timelines for commencement of construction.  These dates are provided as a guide and are subject to variations as the project progresses.

Update 1 February 2023
The tender package was downloaded by several potential tenderers however no submissions were received. A report was immediately drafted and put to council as an urgent matter at the 25 January 2023 ordinary meeting. The urgency in which the report was delivered to Council is indicative of just how high a priority this project is for Council. The report proposed the approval for direct negotiation in line with Section 333A(3) of the Local Government Act 1993 and Regulation 27(i) of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015. Prior to commencing with direct negotiation, the Project Manager will consult with potential builders and inform Council with a shortlist of those builders and facts relevant to direct contract negotiation.


Key Dates

  • 31/3/2021 Election commitment received
  • 1/7/2021 Architects fee proposal accepted for completion of development application plans
  • 26/7/2021 Development application plans commenced
  • 31/8/2021 Development of Grand deed commenced
  • 1/11/2021 Development application plans completed and pre-planning assessment lodged
  • 25/11/2021 Development application lodged
  • 19/1/2022 Development application approved
  • 22/2/2022 Consultants fee proposal accepted for completion of building approval plans
  • 29/3/2022 Draft grant deed received (version1)
  • 12/5/2022 Building approval planning process commenced (delayed due to availability and COVID)
  • 13/5/2022 Draft grant deed received (version 2) signed by Huon Valley Council
  • 16/6/2022 Full executed deed received by Huon Valley Council
  • 31/8/2022 Architectural and tender documents completed
  • 14/12/2022 Tender released
  • 23/1/2023 Tender closed

Project Cycle

  1. Planning approval
  2. Tenders called
  3. Building approval
  4. Construction commences
  5. Project completed