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Arve Road, Geeveston Upgrade


Huon Valley Council is committed to boosting tourism in the Huon Valley and a major part of that is improving the visitor experience.

Council has received a $2.14 million grant from the State Government to upgrade one of the major tourist routes, Arve Road, which connects Geeveston with the popular Tahune Adventures.

The road is currently narrow and winding and is frequently used by heavy vehicles. There is also very limited space for pedestrians.

Over the next six months Council will be widening the road, installing a footpath, kerb and gutter, constructing gravel shoulders and improving drainage.

Mayor Bec Enders said the grant from the State Government was very welcome.

“This upgrade will make a huge difference for both the people who use it every day as well as the thousands of tourists who visit the Huon Valley every year,” Cr Enders said.

“Not only will it make Arve Road a far more enjoyable route to take but this upgrade will improve safety for all road users.

Stage 1:

  • Approximately 1.1km Road widening from School Road to Judds Hill Road
  • Improved drainage
  • New footpath from Huon Highway to Church Street – COMPLETED
  • New footpath from School Road to Judds Hill Road (southern side)

Stage 2:

  • Approximately 1.6km road widening with some new kerb and channel from Judds Hill Road to Constains Road
  • Improved drainage

Update august 2020

The upgrades to Arve Road have been completed.


Huon Highway to Church Street  footpath has been completed.

Kerb & Channel at the intersection of School Road and Arve Road bridge has been completed.

Stormwater and road widening from the intersection of School Road  up to No 99 Arve Road is under construction.