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Celebrating our Volunteers: Wade Johns, gaming legend

A year and a half out of school, Wade Johns spends his time volunteering in the Huon Valley, delivering pizzas in the Kingborough area, and gaming when he’s at home.

“Life’s awesome right now. I’m loving it.”

Every second Friday, Wade comes to the Huon Valley Hub to volunteer his time for Friday Night Games, something he considers both fun and meaningful.

“I’m a huge nerd, I enjoy maths and I love gaming. If I could get paid to do anything to do with gaming, I’d jump at it.”

For now, he’s satisfied being a volunteer locally and helping where he can.

“I learn stuff, I get to help people which I really enjoy.”

Wade is part of the Huon Valley Youth Working Group, who work with Council to plan events, programs, educate and advocate for youth in the Huon Valley.

He has also volunteered on a mental health panel. “There are issues regarding mental health that need to be talked about and if we don’t, they just get left in the background which isn’t good.”

Wade says volunteering his time for community events and initiatives gets him out of the house, helps him connect and meet new people and opens up new opportunities.

“I think I’d get bored if I stayed at home. I could play video games, but I can’t do that all day, every day. Coming along to Friday Night Games as a volunteer allows me to have fun and help out at the same time.”

If you’d like to join in on the fun come along to the Huon Valley Hub on Friday night from 5pm onwards. For further information about Council youth events and initiatives please contact our Youth Development Officer Mitch Robson on (03) 6264 0300. Or follow 12 to 24: Huon Valley Youth on Facebook and Instagram for all things youth related.

As part of National Volunteer Week, we are celebrating the incredible work volunteers do throughout the Huon Valley by sharing stories of people who make a difference in their communities and the inspiration behind what they do.

National Volunteer Week is 16 to 22 May 2022.