Huon Valley News

Celebrating e-waste recycling in the Huon Valley

During the first 6 months of our e-waste recycling operation, a massive 1.2 tons of e-waste has been recycled at Southbridge Waste Transfer Station (WTS) in Huonville.

Hard drives, mobile phones, laptops and cabling are items that have commonly been dropped off at Southbridge WTS for recycling.

The e-waste goes to our recycling partner Resource Work Cooperative in Hobart, where the onsite team put their skills to work on salvaging both reusable and recyclable parts. With secure data destruction capability, the team is able to build refurbished computers and other electronic items before recycling what cannot be reused.

Not only does recycling e-waste keep garbage trucks and facilities safer, but also recovers many valuable materials such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, glass, and plastics – resources which should be cherished and kept circulating in the economy.

A big thank you to our recycling partner Resource Work Cooperative for collaborating on this worthwhile ongoing project. And well done to the Huon Valley community – keep up the good work as we strive to keep precious metals out of landfills or dusty cupboards.

A reminder that Southbridge WTS accepts the following e-waste items for free recycling: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computer towers, loose computer parts, all types of cable and power tools.