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Speed Limit Change Review – Oyster Cove

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The Department of State Growth is reviewing the current speed limit at Oyster Cove, Nicholls Rivulet Road.

The Department is applying to the Transport Commissioner to reduce the speed limit along Nicholls Rivulet Road at Oyster Cove from 90 km/h to 70 km/h, just north of Smith Road to the junction of the Channel Highway.

A 70 km/h speed limit for 9.1 kilometres west of the Channel Highway is considered suitable because of the winding, narrow and hilly nature of the road. Beyond the 9.1 kilometres from the Channel Highway, the road is straighter and less hilly and a lower speed limit is not suitable.

There have been 23 reported crashes on this section of Nicholls Rivulet Road in the last five years. The predominant crash type is single vehicle loss-of control. Research tells us that even small reductions of 10 km/h in travelling speeds can lead to a 25 percent reduction in serious casualties.

Reducing the speed limit will make it safer for all road users along Nicholls Rivulet Road.

Once the Transport Commissioner has reviewed the speed limit change you will be notified of the outcome..


If you have any questions or comments about the speed limit change please contact us at by Friday April 5 2019.
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