Youth Services

The Huon Valley Council’s Youth Services Program provides a wide range of programs and events for young people aged 13 to 25 years. All programs are designed to build the capacity of young people by:

  • Engaging youth as a resource not simply a recipient of services;
  • Focusing on supporting young people and their families and promoting self development; and
  • Ensuring young people are included as part of the planning and decision making process of all relevant programs and events.

Council’s Youth Services Program identifies and creates opportunities for young people with diverse interests, networks and experiences. The Program provides access to support, mentors and resources that young people need, including:

The Youth Services Program offers a variety of inclusive, contemporary programs and events for young people. These include art-based workshops, National Youth Week events and health promotion. Programs and events are designed to enhance life skills, create new opportunities, promote leadership and team work, build self-esteem, and increase communication skills.

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Contact us

If experiencing a crisis please call:

Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800
Youth Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636
Life Line: 131 114

Party safe tips

Transport: Make sure you don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Organise a designated driver or transport before you go out. Don’t venture out on your own.

Take responsibility for your actions: Drink responsibly to stay in control.

Prevent your drink being spiked: Keep your drink with you at all times. Don’t accept drinks from strangers.

Watch out for your friends: Don’t let them leave with strangers. Stay together, so you don’t lose people.

Party Safe poster

Don't Rage on my Page

Members of the Council’s Dover Youth Health Reference Group created a song and video clip to raise awareness of cyber bullying and to encourage people to think before they post on social media.

Sharni Noye-Burgess, Crystal McKay, Wayne Linnell, Ashley Munnings and Natalia Clark worked in conjunction with the Youth Services Unit and hip hop artist Max Bladel to produce Don’t Rage on My Page.