Skill share database

Are you interested in giving back to your community? Do you have a skill you can share with others?
On this page, the Huon Valley Council maintains a database of local people and groups who are interested in giving back to the community through a range of volunteer and paid opportunities.

If you have a skill, knowledge base or interest area to share – whether it’s art-making, cooking, mental wellness or sports coaching – you can go on our database to be considered for running workshops, events and activities throughout the Valley.

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Please contact us for further information.

NamePreferred ContactExpertiseType of Program OfferedFee/Voluntary
Glenda Stasse0447 090 440Art TherapyWorkshops, programsBoth but cover art material cost
Lisa Britzman(03) 6266 6370
PotteryWorkshops in situ
Robin GodfreyDance, CircusWorkshopsFee
Ben Hayward Segal0498 637 209Teaching artist,
workshop leader.
Baritone/animateur, workshop leader.
Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London
Workshops, Impro Circle
Saskia Eisermann emailPainterNative animals workshops
watercolour, acrylics, oils.
Program over a few weeks, 1-2hrs
Hugo Pieriemail
Musician, voice
coach, bodyworks.
Community minded,
likes to work with teens, courses for
actors/singers, helping young people gain
confidence through voice
Workshops, programsFee
Terry MeademailMusicianMusic/entertainmentFee
Milca Perez emailSustainable design
workshop facilitator/consultant, creative project manager
Workshops, project
Ingrid Gilmour0438 629 715Music, meditationWorkshopsBoth (voluntary for pilot)

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If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact Council’s Community Development team on (03) 6264 0300 or email us at the address above.

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    You do not have to upload evidence of the above now, but you may be required to supply evidence at a later date.
  • You do not have to upload evidence of the above now, but you may be required to supply evidence at a later date.