The Right Place

The Right Place supports people in the Huon Valley to find the services they need, when they need them.

The Right Place initiative was developed in the Huon Valley as one of several projects proposed by the community to improve integration and transfers of care for the community.

Look for The Right Place logo on member’s doors and windows – these members will help you find the health and community service information you need.

Huon Valley Council are proud to support The Right Place in the Huon Valley with funding from the Crown through the Department of Health.

The Right Place – Service Support and Mental Health

The Right Place – Quick Reference Guide

For Huon Valley enquiries, please contact:

Huon Valley Council’s Health and Wellbeing Officer

T: 03 6264 0300


Street Address: 40 Main Street, Huonville

Postal Address: PO Box 210, Huonville TAS 7109

How to find a Huon Valley Member

Look for the promotional material that indicates that an organisation is a member of The Right Place.

These members provide help and information about health and community services that are available to you.


Huon Community Health Centre

P: 6121 7050

A: 7-9 Sale St, Huonville

Huon Valley Council Customer Service Centre

P: 6264 0300

A: 40 Main Street, Huonville

Huonville Library

P: 6121 7010

A: 1 Skinner Dr, Huonville

Abbeyfield House

P: 6264 2820

A: 71-79 Wilmot Road

Bendigo Community Bank – Huonville

P: 6264 2264

A: 11 Main St, Huonville

DS Coffee House & Internet Café

P: 6264 1226

A: 12 Main Street, Huonville

The Salvation Army Kingborough and Huon Corp

P: 0416 098 627

A: 31 Wilmot Road, Huonville

Southbridge Waste Transfer Station and Re-Use Shop

P: 6264 0363

A: 2899 Huon Hwy, Huonville

Woolworths Huonville

P: 6266 2000

A: 79 Main Street, Huonville



Huon Regional Care

P: 6264 7100

A: 3278 Huon Highway, Franklin



Port Huon Sports & Aquatic Centre

P: 6297 1708

A: 4421 Huon Hwy, Port Huon



Bendigo Community Bank – Geeveston

P: 6297 0133

A: 13 Church St, Geeveston

Wayraparattee Child and Family Centre

P: 6297 0052

A: 4879 Huon Highway, Geeveston

Geeveston Pharmacy

P: 6297 1256

A: 4 Church Street



Dover Community Workshop

P: 6298 1849

A: 6988 Huon Highway, Dover

Bendigo Community Bank – Dover

P: 6298 1959

A: Main Road Shop 4 Southgate Shopping Centre, Dover

Dover Pharmacy

P: 6298 1517

A: Shop 2, Dover Shopping Centre, 1 Station Road, Dover

Dover Post Office

P: 6298 1267

A: Shop 8, Dover Shopping Centre, 1 Station Road, Dover



Duggans Pty Ltd

P: 6266 3204

A: 8420 Channel Hwy, Cradoc



Cygnet Community Health Centre

P: 6295 1235

A: 1 Frederick St, Cygnet

Port Cygnet Men’s Shed

P: 6295 1523

A: War Memorial Reserve, Cygnet

Cygnet Family Practice

P: 6295 1460

A: 5 Thorpe St, Cygnet

Bendigo Community Bank – Cygnet

P: 6295 0445

A: 43 Mary St, Cygnet

Cygnet Sports Centre

P: 6295 1130

A: 19 Louisa Street, Cygnet


Huon Disability Network


CTST (Community Transport)

P: 6242 3308

A: Shop 6, 7 John St Kingston

How to become a Huon Valley Member

Right Place members support people to access the health and community services they need in a timely and appropriate manner by following these principles:

  • People can ask for information and assistance through any member of The Right Place.
  • People will have equal access to good quality information and assistance to help them make an informed choice.
  • Members have a responsibility to respond to the person’s needs and enable their connection to the right service.
  • Members will actively connect the person to the right service and communicate directly with that service when appropriate.
  • Members will receive information, training and resources to support their involvement in The Right Place.

To become a Huon Valley member or for general enquiries, please contact:

Huon Valley Council’s Health and Wellbeing Officer

T: 03 6264 0300


Street Address: 40 Main Street, Huonville

Postal Address: PO Box 210, Huonville TAS 7109

The Statewide Right Place Program

Community consultation was a vital part of the 2015 Huon Valley Shared Transfer of Care project, which facilitated community, service provider and consumer consultation. This consultation identified specific local issues and potential solutions related to integrated care.

In 2019, the State Government’s Public Health Literacy program adopted the Statewide program with Huon Valley Council maintaining support to the Huon Valley community.

For Statewide enquiries please visit the State website for further information or alternatively contact contact Public Health Services: