Minor flooding occurs in Huonville on a regular basis. The main area affected is on the northern side of the Huon River and Wilmot Road. Severe floods occurred in 1901, 1947, 1958 and 1960.

An automatic flood warning station operated by the Bureau of Meteorology is located at Judbury. The Bureau issues flood warnings for the Huon River and provides expected and/or actual river heights at Judbury.

As a general rule, the following river levels at Judbury are likely to result in:

3 metres

  • minor flooding of agricultural and horticultural land along the river flats with some stock losses
  • closure of the Channel Highway at Huonville.

6 metres

  • moderate flooding of agricultural and horticultural land along the river flats with some stock losses and damage to fences
  • flooding of low-lying areas of Huonville with the possibility of water damage to some dwellings
  • closure of the Channel Highway at Huonville

7 metres +

  • as above
  • water will enter some commercial premises
  • it may be necessary to evacuate the occupants of several dwellings
  • closure of the Huon Highway between Wilmot Road and Huonville Bridge.
  • depending on tidal conditions the Huon Highway near Clarks Jetty at North Franklin may also be closed.

There is a time difference of approximately two hours between flood peaks at Judbury and that peak reaching Huonville.

Flood plain mapping of Huonville and environs has been undertaken. Contact the Council for more information about specific properties located within the flood plain.

Current river height levels for the Huon River

Flood Action Guide

Report of the Independent Review into the Tasmanian Floods of June and July 2016 This report includes a summary the July 2016 Huonville flood event and how this was managed. Huon Valley Council is committed to ongoing community awareness as recommended in the report, and we will be holding Community Awareness Sessions on an annual basis to provide about flood risk and preparation.

Mountain River

The Bureau of Meteorology operates a flood warning system on the Mountain River.

The gauge provides a message to the Huon Valley SES Unit on the increasing river height towards the top end of the river.

Flood plain mapping of the Mountain River has also been undertaken. To find out if a particular property is located within the flood plain, contact the Council.

Geeveston area

Geeveston is subject to flooding from both Rileys Creek and the Kermandie River.

Flooding in December, 1995 resulted in houses in Arve Road and Dover Road areas being flooded.

In December 1995, the Huon Highway at the junction with Scotts Road was flooded, isolating Geeveston and other communities further south.

Cygnet area

The catchment areas feeding Nicholls Rivulet and Agnes Rivulet have the potential to impact on the township of Cygnet.

The areas most likely to be affected are the Cygnet Recreation Ground and the foreshore area previously accommodating Burton’s factory.

Low-lying roads may be impassable and some bridges near the town are susceptible to damage. This could lead to road access isolation for part of the township.