Community Recovery

Bushfire Recovery Information and Support

In December 2018 and January 2019 dry lightning strikes ignited a significant number of bushfires across Tasmania which have threatened communities, created major disruption, and caused considerable damage across many remote wilderness areas.

Over 205,000 hectares of land has been affected by the bushfires, with multiple fires continuing to burn.

The bushfires are having a widespread effect on the State and will cause emotional, physical and financial stress for members of our community. The most heavily impacted Local Government Areas are Huon Valley, West Coast and Central Highlands.

While firefighting efforts to protect property and business have been largely successful, people in these areas have been displaced from their homes and communities due to fire and smoke.

The Tasmanian Government continues to work with individuals, community groups, local government and the Australian Government to ensure the needs of affected communities are met as they address the social, economic, infrastructure and environmental impacts of this natural disaster.

Information about recovery support is now available via the TasRECOVERY website and social media – the Tasmanian Government’s official recovery information sources: