Huon Valley Council makes an annual allocation to support and maintain the ‘Care’ network in the Huon Valley. The network consists of volunteer ‘Care’ groups including Landcare, Coastcare, and ‘Friends of’ groups.


Are available to the above-mentioned groups to undertake on-ground works within the Huon Valley municipal area. Only one application per group, per year can be considered.


Are available to the above-mentioned groups to undertake training or purchase equipment for the purpose of supporting the group’s activities. Training can include technical training, Workplace Health and Safety (first aid or other), governance training, or other relevant training (e.g. Landcare Conference). Only one application per group, per year can be considered.

A group is eligible to apply for a combined project and support grant, however the total grant amount must not exceed $4,000.

Council’s NRM Coordinator can assist with project development and application preparation as well as providing advice and support for the duration of the group’s project.

Essential criteria

Essential criteria will firstly be assessed by the NRM Unit. The criteria must be met before any further consideration, and are as follows:

  • The activity must pose no risk to other environmental aspects.
  • The applicant must be part of, or sponsored by, a recognised volunteer “Care Group” (i.e. Landcare, Coastcare, Friends of, etc) with current membership with Landcare Tasmania
  • Only one application per group, per year will be considered.
  • The project must align with Huon Valley Council Natural Resource Management priorities as set out in the HVC NRM Strategy*
  • The project site must lie at least partly within the Huon Valley Council Municipal area.
  • Groups seeking funding for works on private land need to demonstrate public benefit. Individual landowners are ineligible.
  • The application must be administratively complete (including insurance details).
  • The applicant is required to fully disclose any other funding sources.
  • The applicant must consider what is required to undertake the project, and include reasonable timeframes to ensure the project is completed on schedule.
  • Consultation with local Aboriginal groups must be demonstrated with respect to potential impact on Aboriginal Heritage issues.

*Applications must address at least one the following HVC NRM Strategy Objectives contained in the HVC NRM Strategy, listed below.

 HVC NRM Strategy Objectives

Objective 1    To protect and enhance natural land, coast and waterway systems and the flora and fauna that relies on them and the cultural and natural values within them.

Objective 2    To establish and strengthen relationships with key strategic partners and Huon Valley industries and communities, including Aboriginal communities, through NRM initiatives.

Objective 3    To manage and reduce existing invasive weeds, pests and diseases in the Huon Valley and to prevent and act on new incursions.

Objective 4    For the NRM Unit to support Council operations to meet obligations under relevant natural resource management legislation and policies.

Applications will then be assessed by a panel consisting of Huon Valley Council staff and at least one member from an environmental related agency such as Parks & Wildlife or NRM South, which makes a recommendation to Council regarding the project.  Applications are assessed according to the following criteria:

Assessment criteria (Project Grant):

  1. The applicant must outline the environmental outcomes expected as a result of the project
  2. The applicant must demonstrate the extent of in-kind support and provide a minimum of 1:1 in-kind contribution (volunteer labour for example)
  3. The applicant must demonstrate value for money and details of broader community benefit
  4. The applicant must demonstrate the group’s capacity to maintain outcomes

Assessment criteria (Support Grant):

  1. The applicant must demonstrate how the equipment and/or training will support the group to undertake their work safely and to a high standard
  2. The applicant must demonstrate the extent of expected increase in skills, ability and/or capacity of the group (how many members will be involved, how skills/knowledge will be transferred to members not involved)

For further information call NRM Coordinator, Ally Hughes, directly on (03) 6264 0365 or email ahughes@huonvalley.tas.gov.au

Applications open February 2019