The Huon Valley Council provides specifications on anything that requires construction or development. This can include crossovers, drainage, road construction, subdivisions and much more.

Specifications are extremely important, as they detail the dimensions, materials and preparation necessary to ensure your development complies with the Councils requirements. Council uses the Department of State Growth Specification Documents for general provisions that includes areas like, traffic management, compaction assessment and aggregates.

Specfications for road works, and areas such as sub grade, earthworks and geotextile use.

For subdivisions, the “Tasmanian Subdivision Guidelines” are to be used  in conjunction with the above specifications for areas like geometrical requirements, pavement design, kerb and channel, footpaths and crossings,  the drainage system and the process to be followed during the construction of civil works; audit inspections, practical completion of works, defects liability period and final take-over of the roads and civil works.