Markets in the Huon Valley

The Huon Valley is home to talented artisans, craft makers, and boutique farmers, who sell their wares and produce at regular markets.


Markets are held in the following locations:

2nd Saturday1st Sunday
2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday
4th SundayLast Sunday
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Cygnet Market
Cygnet Town Hall, Mary Streetgreen-tick-vector_17-526120944green-tick-vector_17-526120944Facebook Page
The Market at Franklin
Franklin Palais, Main Streetgreen-tick-vector_17-526120944Facebook Page
Judbury Market
Judbury Community Hall, Calvert Parkgreen-tick-vector_17-526120944Facebook Page
Geeveston MarketGeeveston Town Hall, Church Street, Geevgreen-tick-vector_17-526120944Second Saturday of every monthFacebook Page
Willie Smith's Apple Shed Artisan & Produce Market2064 Huon Highway, Grovegreen-tick-vector_17-526120944