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Mobile Food Business Guidelines

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The Huon Valley Council receives enquiries from time to time regarding setting up and operating mobile food businesses in the Huon Valley. To date there has been no guidelines or policy to assist the Council in determining whether or not it is appropriate to grant a permit or not.

The Council understands the need to support existing food and beverage businesses but also recognises the value that mobile food businesses may provide to areas that are not currently serviced by existing businesses.

The Council has therefore developed Mobile Food Business Guidelines to provide direction to the granting of permits and guides for those who wish to conduct their mobile food businesses within the Huon Valley as to potentially available locations and operating times.

The Guidelines only relate to regular trade on Huon Valley Council owned and/or administered land such as a park, reserve and/or open air public car park or on any road reserve.

The Guidelines do not apply to Mobile Food Businesses who wish to trade directly on private land within the Huon Valley which will be required to obtain a planning permit.  The Guidelines also do not apply to use of any road or Council reserve land as part of an approved event or festival.

The Guidelines will operate on a 6 month trial basis from 1 December, 2017 to 31 May, 2018 following which the Council will undertake an evaluation of the trial including any impacts upon existing businesses.

The guidelines can be viewed here 

Applications are to be made to the Council and are to be in accordance with the requirements set out in the Guidelines.

The application fee is $300 however a 50% discount will apply to a local mobile food business which has a registered address of the proprietor under the Food Act 2003 in the Huon Valley.

Any enquiries can be referred through the Council’s Economic Development Unit.