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Management Committees – Annual General Meeting dates

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The 2018 Annual General Meetings of Council's Management Committees are scheduled to be conducted in August and September.
Council encourages all community members to attend the meeting of your local area to be informed about any initiatives or information relevant to your community facility.
The dates and times of these meetings are:
Ranelagh Soldiers Memorial Hall 13/08/2018 7.30pm
Cradoc Park Community Hall 19/08/2018 5.00pm
Dover Oval Dover Oval 29/08/2018 1.00pm
Judbury Community Centre 04/09/2018 7.30pm
Huonville Scout and Guide Hall 16/08/2018 7.00pm
Glen Huon Hall 05/09/2018 7.00pm
Tasmanian Forest Workers' Memorial21/09/2018 2.00pm
Pelverata Hall 03/09/2018 7.00pm
Surges Bay Hall 04/09/2018 7.00pm
Southport Community Centre 18/09/2018 6.00pm
Palais Theatre 11/09/2018 6.00pm
Far South Memorial by the Sea 10/09/2018 6.00pm

Please call Council for the various Management Committee’s contact details