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Let’s make the Huon one of the great valleys of the world

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There are so many great valleys in the world.  Names like Napa, Loire, Yosemite and Barossa all bring images and feelings to mind.  Yet despite the distinctiveness of the Huon, both in name and appearance, it is a long way from being recognised in the same light as the other valleys.


“Product of the Huon Valley” is a celebration of authenticity…and dedication to craft…and pride.  It is an initiative of the Huon Valley Council and has wide support amongst growers, producers and makers.


Launching at this weekend’s 24th ‘A Taste of the Huon’ at the Ranelagh Showground (13th and 14th March 2016), we need your help to spruik the Huon Valley brand at every opportunity.  Get on your social media networks, share the stories of our ‘Huon Heroes’ on the campaign website –  Share your own story.  Tell the world what you love about living in the Huon and what makes your products so good.


Grab a cap, an apron or a t-shirt.  Grab them all!  You are a product of the Huon Valley.  Wear the badge with pride.