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Jefferys Track Upgrade meeting

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The Huon Valley Council held two consultation meetings with the residents of the immediate area on Wednesday May 24 regarding the Jefferys Track Upgrade Proposal.

Jefferys Track runs across the Wellington Range between Lachlan in the Derwent Valley and Crabtree in the Huon Valley.  The 14 km long track is a fire trail currently used as a 4WD off-road driving experience and an important fire trail.

The initial project is two staged which involves upgrading the road to allow improved access as a fire trail and for qualified technical experts to complete a feasibility study.

The meetings allowed residents who may be affected to voice their opinions and ask questions of Huon Valley Commissioner Adriana Taylor and General Manager, Emilio Reale.

Commissioner Taylor is happy to talk to anyone affected by the proposal who could not make it along to the consultation meetings.

Please call 03) 6264 0300 to make an appointment.

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