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Geeveston Town Hall – The Future – Update August 2015

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The Geeveston Town Hall has a rich history and community value, and holds significant potential for the future.

In order to realise this potential, the Council sought community feedback via a workshop and discussions with interested community members to identify possible sustainable uses.


  • The importance of the Town Hall to the community living in Geeveston and the visitors to the area;
  • The role of the building in the mix of retail and tourism service offerings within the township; and
  • Opportunities for development of the building.

The community’s vision and objectives for the Geeveston Town Hall proposed that the building be set up for the primary purposes of tourism with services to promote the region, with high quality food and beverages, whilst supporting a rich mix of community events, arts and cultural experiences.


  • A Visitor Information Centre that provides clear interpretation of the region; focuses on selling and promoting Southwest accommodation, experiences and attractions; acts as a gateway to the ‘Far South’; maximises the regions tourism economy; and also sells local unique goods, with strong linkages to the creative industries of the region.
  • A high quality, flexible Gallery / Exhibition Space to house exhibitions from local and Tasmanian artists and craft designers, with potentially significant curated exhibitions into the future.
  • A fully modernised Museum for cultural and heritage presentation and interpretation of the region.
  • A flexible Events Space that will satisfy community events for local and tourism purposes and encourage development of community enterprise, creativity and connection.
  • A public lift and amenities with access from inside the building.


  • Protecting and retaining the original building façade on Church Street.
  • Creation of a wider footpath that offers greater comfort and ease of use, improved building access and beautification of the Church street setting.
  • A timber veil runs around the outside of half of the building providing a covered walkway, recognising the timber industry connection with the town and directing the circulation around, through and into the building.
  • The new extended works on the car park side are intended to be constructed of timber, glass and steel.


  • A high quality Café and/or Restaurant underpinned by a commercial kitchen that can also run community events and functions.
  • Collaboration of Southwest Tourism Experiences involving tour operators and guides, adventure tourism and agri-tourism suppliers.
  • A Seafood Experience Centre to showcase Tasmanian salmon and shellfish based seafood that Tasmania operates as commercial fisheries.

These community suggestions were incorporated into the following concept designs.
PLEASE NOTE: These drawings are concepts only and are not final drawings. They are supplied to give you an idea of how a refurbished Town Hall might look.

Geeveston Concept 1Geeveston Concept 2Geeveston Concept 3


The floor plans below identify the areas that will be available for future use

15082 Geeveston Town Hall Plan Diagrams 150714_Page_115082 Geeveston Town Hall Plan Diagrams 150714_Page_2

We would now like your feedback. Please answer the questionnaire below. – Feedback open until 24 July 2015

Feedback now closed – thank you for your suggestions.

What happens next?

Community consultation on the future use of the Geeveston Town Hall has been completed. Community feedback has been incorporated into the proposals presented to Council at the August meeting.

The Council has endorsed the implementation of Stage One of the project. The main focus is the establishment of a legal operating entity to oversee operations at the centre.

Once the management structure is finalised, the next step is establishment of a visitor information centre, gallery and museum spaces.

Council will look at grant funding opportunities to progress Stage 2 of the project. Further community consultation will take place during the future stages.