Wildlife Monitoring Workshop

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What wildlife is on your property?


Be part of an exciting project that will expand and improve information on wildlife distribution. The project will help identify and monitor important wildlife habitat throughout the valley and areas where feral and native animals interact. Previous monitoring has identified rare native animals like Tasmanian bettongs, eastern quolls and swift parrots. The project is set up as a science experiment and we are hoping to use this to track populations over time.

We are looking for 20 landholders in the Huon Valley who are willing to be citizen scientists by:

  • Attending a workshop to learn about how to monitor wildlife on your property
  • Installing cameras and recording bird calls on your property
  • Helping to identify the animals caught on the camera

Information gathered by the project will contribute to current and future wildlife and feral animal research and management projects.

Workshop details
2:00 – 4:00 PM Saturday 11th November
Pelverata Memorial Hall, 1237 Pelverata Road, Pelverata.

To register please RSVP by the 6th of November to:
Simon Roberts 0429 833 025, or
Stephen Thollar 0438 781 128

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Monitoring workshop to

Event location


Pelverata Memorial Hall, 1237 Pelverata Road, Pelverata
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