The Cygnet Serenades

Hosted by Way Down South Arts

About the Artists….

Tiff Norchick is a Londoner living in lutruwita. She works for Inscape Tasmania, playing the harp in the Royal Hobart Hospital, offering her gentle music to people across the lifespan. From the babies in the neonatal ward to the elders in palliative care. Lately tiff is also making music outside of hospitals, playing harp with the lutruwita Art Orchestra, and with Tasha Zappala. Now one of tiff’s dreams is coming true – she’ll be singing and playing with Amber Clark and Tasha Zappala in a trio of beautiful voices, amazing songs and magical moments.

Tasha Zappala is a singer-songwriter based in lutruwita/Tasmania. When not serenading, she spends her time in the southern woods making billypots of beans, drinking tea and capturing field recordings.

With inspiration from traditional Scandinavian music, folk and other world music influences, multi instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Amber Clark creates a very unique vocal experience offering drumming, chanting and dense harmonies. Taking inspiration from the beautiful nature that Lutruwita Tasmania has to offer. Playing alongside Tash Zappala and Tiff Norchick…

Nomadikha is a self taught multi instrumentalist, a freestyle loop artist who strays far from the likes of her fellow musicians in her unique sound and lyrical poetry inspired from years of travelling solo and living amongst the wildness of the Australian terrain. Still fresh to  Tasmania for the first time be ready to connect to the hearts of the tribe and the majik of the lands through the experience that is Nomadikha.

Local singing-human Rose Wilson makes singing unscary, helping all the other singing-humans (that’s everyone) drop the baggage, fear and perfectionism of our singing worries. We unravel the story that says music is predominantly for performance and remember how bloody good it is to just make music together- how fun it is, and how well it connects us to ourselves, each other, and something bigger.

To this end, Rose hosts sets with a difference. Sets that are essentially giant singalongs of goodness and enthusiasm. Where you are welcomed, encouraged and it’s all made safe. Where crap notes don’t matter, where you can’t get it wrong, where you sing on blah if you don’t know the words, and on any notes if you don’t know the tune, and just listen and be merry if you really really don’t want to sing.

With stacks of well known songs, ranging from trashy pop, to folky things, to 60s rock, to whatever else is catchy, good to sing and fairly well known, accompanied by Rose bashing the keyboard and whatever other instrument-humans join in, we sing gleefully and gloriously and you should totally come and sing.

Bar & Street Food available! Child friendly – parental or guardian supervision required

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Cygnet Town Hall, 14 Mary Street, Franklin
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