Providing an inclusive practice and community for LGBTIQ+ people

Training day

This training is for community members, service providers and professionals.

Topics covered include:

  • Knowledge to assist individuals and organisations to offer an inclusive and welcoming service for LGBTIQ+ people.
  • To provide a deeper understanding and confidence in working with LGBTIQ+ people.
  • Information from the ‘Who I Am’ study by Dr Julia Taylor, from Bi+ Australia, on bisexuality and pansexuality.
  • A screening of iNTERSExION to help participants understand the specific needs of Intersex people and those living outside of binary genders.

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Due to support from the Huon Valley Council’s Health and Wellbeing program the Kentish Regional Clinic Inc. is able to offer this course at a reduced rate.

Facilitator: Sharon Corvinus-Jones is the Executive Officer for Kentish Regional Clinic Inc. Sharon has over 13 years’ experience in LGBTIQ+ training and education. Over this time, she has won three awards for her work with LGBTIQ+ suicide prevention and social inclusion strategies.

Throughout the training, Sharon shares some of her own experiences struggling with sexuality and gender identity issues while growing up in outback Queensland and living as a young adult in rural Tasmania. Sharon outlines how her experiences could have been supported through LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice and a supportive community.

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Thursday to

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Huon Valley Hub, 23 Main Street, Huonville
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