Ogre in Swampyville

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Presented by Huon Valley Theatre Company

Ogre in Swampyville tells the curious story of Ogre and his friends trying to save his swampy home, which is under threat of development.

And why would anyone want to develop anything on an Ogre’s swamp? It seems this is by order of the King, who is not his usual congenial self. Perhaps there are some familiar villains up to mischief again.

The season of Ogre in Swampyville runs from July 16-20

Tickets can be purchased online through here or Huon Jetboats on 62 641 838.

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Tuesday 16th to
Wednesday 17th to
Thursday 18th to
Friday 19th to
Saturday 20th to
Saturday 20th to

Event location


Huonville Town Hall, 40 Main Street, Huonville
Map of location