Election Q&A

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2018 elections - Q&A with local candidates plus HVC Commissioner Adriana Taylor

With the state election to be held on the 3rd of March this will be a great opportunity to ask the politicians and candidates what they will be doing for you and the community if elected.
What are your concerns?
Jobs? Pokies? Environment? Education? Health? Biosecurity? Transport? Climate change? Aquaculture?

Candidates Will Hodgman, David O’Byrne, Rosalie Woodruff will each give a 2 minute presentation before taking questions.
Huon Valley Council commissioner, Adriana Taylor, will also be on the panel to take any questions about council business or the local government elections due later this year.

Take this opportunity to put random questions to the candidates and, hopefully, get answers that are less pre-prepared than their spin doctors’ media talking points.
Face to face contact is a valuable way of evaluating a person’s sincerity and integrity and is increasingly important in this time of social media manipulation of the truth. We voters don’t often get a chance to question politicians directly.

No charge

For more information please contact Huon Valley Residents & Ratepayers Association –

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Huonville Town Hall, 40 Main Street, HUONVILLE TAS 7109
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