Building your business online with Digital Solutions

Building your online strategy is key for your small business to succeed

When we’re going online with our business there are many pieces to the puzzle. How do we make them form a clear picture?

One of the most important issues is differentiating between what is possible, what is going to be the most effective and what is going to be doable. What are some of the pieces that make up the puzzle? For a start, consider:

  • Your website
  • Digital communications – email, messaging and beyond
  • Online sales. Products, payments and stock.
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, LinkedIn just to touch the surface.
  • Cyber Security and the impact nefarious activity can have on your business.
  • Customer data and managing it securely and privately.
  • Business software, SaaS and integrated workspaces.
  • Digital Marketing – Adwords, Boosts, email campaigns and more.

This workshop is not just about looking at these elements individually, it’s about giving an understanding of how they are all interconnected. By having a clear picture of which elements apply to your business and how they all work together you can start to put together a strategy that will enable you to move forward effectively and efficiently.

There are many vendors keen to offer you solutions that are easy and convenient to use in the short term, but can quickly conflict with your other systems and business goals. Taking a holistic approach from the outset will have long term benefits for your business.

* to attend this workshop you must be a Tasmanian for-profit small business with an ABN and less than 20 employees.

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Huon Valley Hub, 23-25 Main Street, Huonville
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