Electoral signs



In accordance with Council By-laws and Planning Schemes applicable in the Huon Valley Municipal
Area the following conditions apply to the electoral signs in any part of the municipal area.

By-laws Provisions

  • Placement of electoral signs on a Council maintained road (which includes footpaths, nature
    strips and road reservation of that road) is prohibited (Clause 12(2) – Roads (Local Highways)
    Bylaw 2014). A maximum fine applies of $795 and $159 for each day the offence continues in the
    case of a continuing offence.
  • Placement of electoral signs on Council owned or controlled land is prohibited (Clause 41(1) –
    Council Land and Recreational Facilities By-law 2017). A maximum fine of $795 applies.
  • Distribution of handbills or pamphlets on Council owned or controlled land, whether associated
    with an election or not, is prohibited without obtaining a permit from Council. (Clause 41(2) –
    Council Land and Recreational Facilities By-law 2017). A maximum fine of $795 applies.

On the spot infringement notices may be issued for breaches of Council By-laws and electoral signs
placed on Council land or roads will be removed by Council’s authorised officers without notice to the
Signs will only be returned on payment of Council’s costs of removal and storage of the signs.

Planning Scheme Provisions

Election signs are regulated under the Huon Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2015 which can be
viewed on the iplan website.

An election sign is exempt from requiring a planning permit provided that all of the following apply:

  • The historic building fabric is not damaged by the drilling of holes into stone, brick or wood and all
    fittings are fixed using non corrosive fittings, and in the case of masonry buildings, inserted into
    mortar joints.
  • The following standards are complied with;
    The election signage:
    (a) Has an area of face no more than 1m² .
    (b) Is displayed only between the issuing of a writ for an election and 7 days after the election.
    (c) Does not encroach on any road or other public reservation.

To ensure that the use of signs complements or enhances the built or natural environment in which
they are located a sign must not contain flashing lights, moving parts or moving or changing
messages or graphics and an illuminated sign must not be located within 30 metres of a residential

  • the sign is on, or affixed to, the land to which it relates.

Election signs are not permitted in Utilities Zoned land which includes state roads.

Should a person wish to erect a sign that does not fit within the exemption then please refer to the
requirements for the signage in the Scheme and make an appropriate enquiry at the Council’s
Customer Service Centre on 6264 0300.

Electoral signs that exceed the above requirements will require planning approval to be issued by
the Council.

Please refer to the Planning Scheme at the link above or seek advice from Council’s Customer
Service Centre.

Any breach of a provision of a Planning Scheme may lead upon conviction to the imposition of a
maximum fine of $79,500 under the provisions of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.
Council Officers may also issue on the spot infringement notices with a penalty of $2,385.00 for individuals or $11,950.00 for a body corporate.

Council may also give notice to the person who has placed an electoral sign, or to the owner of the land on which the sign is placed, in breach of a Planning Scheme provision requiring removal of the sign or Council may take all action necessary to remove the sign and recover the costs of doing so from the person or the owner.
Enquiries: Mr Matthew Grimsey, Director Legal & Governance Services