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Proposal for an Approved RV Site on Crown land leased by Council, Franklin Foreshore

The purpose of this consultation with community and stakeholders is to determine the level of support for an approved Recreational Vehicle site to be developed on Crown Land leased by Council land on the foreshore at Franklin.

Council recognises that this land is important to the Franklin community and wants to ensure that the best return and economic development opportunity can be delivered as a result.

The Council has not made any final decision as to whether or not the land can and will be used as an RV site or the model upon which a site is to be developed.

The Council has though, presented options for consideration relating to the site.

A long term lease may however be necessary depending upon the investment made by the operator on the model proposed.

Please note:

If the outcome of this consultation is in support of an RV Park on the land then a proposed model will be considered.

If the outcome of this consultation is not in support of an RV Park on the land then use of the land at any time for RV camping will cease and no longer be permitted as it is not approved under the Council’s Planning Scheme.

This is an open consultation.

The Council is therefore seeking your views as to whether or not the site should be used for RVs and if so what type of RV site the community would like to see on the site.

Please see the details and background in the Discussion Paper.

You can provide feedback by completing a short survey.