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Huonville Link Road


The Tasmanian and Australian Governments have committed to building a link road at Huonville that will reduce congestion and improve safety in Huonville’s town centre.

Huon Valley Council first proposed this new link road nearly 15 years ago and with the Australian and Tasmanian governments having now committed to fund the project on an 80:20 basis, the Tasmanian Government will deliver this project.

The link road will connect the Huon Highway with the Channel Highway, diverting Cygnet-bound highway traffic from Main Street Huonville to reduce congestion and improve safety through Huonville town centre.

The final route of this new road has not been decided with two routes proposed. The proposed routes start from Main Street and travel behind the existing residential areas to join Flood Road, where it will continue down to the Channel Highway.

Route options:

Two possible routes have been identified for the new road:

  • Option 1 – the Northern Route, would run from Main Street, opposite Orchard Avenue, southeast to the top of Flood Road.
  • Option 2 – the Southern Route, would run from Main Street, opposite Sparkles car wash, southeast to the top of Flood Road.
Status: The Department of State Growth have completed consultation on this project.

Results can be viewed at their website.


Key Dates

  • 20/1/2022 Engagement opens
  • 10/2/2022 Engagement closed

Project Cycle

  1. Engagement Open
  2. Engagement Close